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Neurotechnology@Donders 2013

On March 8th, Benno Roozendaal and I  have organized a symposium on neurotechnology and applications to system neuroscience with a number of great speakers. The symposium will take place in the NCMLS building in the Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen Campus. You will find more information here

New Address: Donders Centre for Neuroscience Nijmegen

From December 2012, I am working as an associate professor in the Departments of Neuroinformatics and Neurophysiology at  the Donders Centre for Neuroscience in Nijmegen, in the Netherlands, where I am starting a new group for the experimental and theoretical study of the neural basis of memory and the interaction between brain areas. The website [...]

Polyrhythms of the brain

  Bruce McNaughton and I wrote a preview for a very interesting paper by Fujisawa and Buzsaki (came out on Neuron) that shows a novel 4 Hz oscillations linking the VTA and the prefrontal cortex during the expression of working memory.  

Oscillation in the prefrontal cortex

            Together with Karim Benchenane and Paul Tiesinga, we wrote a review for Current  Opinion in Neurophysiology, trying to highlight the common patterns between the mechanisms of the theta and gamma rhythms in the prefrontal cortex, and their consequences for prefrontal functions, in particular, long-term memory, and attention.   Benchenane [...]

“Replay spikes” in the prefrontal cortex reflect learning, and the hippocampal input

During sleep, memories about our previous experience are replayed, as was previously shown in the hippocampus, in the neocortex and in the striatum. This replay is probably important for memory consolidation, the process of stabilization of memories that is thought to be orchestrated by the hippocampus. With Adrien Peyrache, Karim Benchenane, Mehdi Khamassi, and Sidney [...]

Workshop “Network Synchronization, from dynamical systems to Neuroscience”

From May, 19th to May 30th 2008, Nicolas Brunel, Massimo Cencini, Alessandro Torcini and I organized a workshop on Workshop on “Network Synchronization, from dynamical systems to Neuroscience” at the Lorentz Center, in Leiden. The aim of the  workshop was to bring together scientists working in the field of nonlinear dynamics and neuroscientists with an [...]